Building A Green Construction Company

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There is a new concept that everyone is talking about: “green”. What does it mean to have a green construction company? Green construction means building structures with the use of recycled materials and employing the theories of sustainable design. It is a great way to reduce costs, build long lasting edifices and protect the environment for the future generations.

Sustainable design

Sustainable design is the idea of planning things, services and built environment to conform to the principles of sustainability. Constructions can have widespread direct as well as indirect effects on our environment, on us as a society and of course, the economy. These are referred to as the 3 P’s i.e. people, planet and pocketbook. Sustainable design seeks to balance these three areas, via an integrated approach to form design solutions that are a win-win to all sides involved. This mainly aims to reduce or to totally avoid exhaustion of resources such as water, land and raw materials. There are many steps taken to reuse these resources such as recycling water, build vertical instead of horizontal and waste disposal in Parramatta to collect and reuse any possible waste materials.

Green construction examples

Usage of solar power and water recycling are nothing new. What are new includes building green roofs instead white roofs and using it to cool off inside of the house or building, going for prefabricated houses to reduce costs, using natural lighting and air flow to enhance inner illumination and ventilation of the buildings, using roof glass windows for lighting and more. Energy generation can be done not only via solar power, but also geothermal power, wind mills and biofuel generators. Exceptionally designed insulation can limit heat loss. In countries with a distinct winter and summer, geothermal installations can be used to cool the inside of building in the summer also to heat it in winter. Via these sorts of innovations the CO2 emission also can be limited. Whilst these initiatives are truly extraordinary, some of it may suit big industrial buildings more rather than single houses.

Why Green construction?

Earth’s resources are painfully limited. It certainly cannot provide for almost the 7.5 billion people that are now on earth. Given demands of today and following the trends of the market, green solutions for construction extend methods to cost savings, value adding while making positive impacts on earth. Implemented correctly, these can even pay off in addition to cutting costs. For example in K2 apartments in Australia, uses active and passive design strategies to augment access to daylight, cooling in the summer, warm in the winter and natural aeration. A garden throughout the building aptly named “Green spine” encourages community congregation. Strategies as such coupled with practices of people living in there such as methodical good rubbish removal, economic water and electricity usage, cycling to work, can make for a true sustainable society. Scientists have combed through the universe but couldn’t find another planet suitable for humans to live in. Earth is our only chance; protecting it is our only survival method.